Christian LANGLADE

We produce about 80 % red and 20 % white, our main grape varieties are merlot and cabernet sauvignon. Since the creation of the property in the 90’s, we work hard at the vineyard to produce high quality wines. To acheive this, we have to obtain the best quality in each of our plots and in the volume of appellation.

Quality and quantity strongly depend on flowering development. But our weather conditions combined with grape varieties prone to flowering accidents, may cause irregular plots. To limit this, we use Vivaflor®.

We saw the interest of Vivaflor® during « secure flowering tests » on local producers’ lands. At that stage, Vivaflor® showed its effect: limit hen and chicken and homogenise flowering. This homogeneity was maintained at harvest and during Vivaflor® use led to well balanced wines. We continued this on our farm with conclusive results. We broadened the use of Vivaflor® to our “irregular” plots, Vivaflor® is our “quality / quantity assurance” on these plots (and others in the company). A natural product, simple to use, with conclusive results can be recommended to other vine growers.