I sell my apples on the German market, which limits me to 4//5 residues maximum below MRL’s (Maximum Residue Limits). We have been preparing to work with Global gap and Carrefour for 10 years now. This preparation allowed us to progress. We went from 4/5 residues 7/8 years ago, to 1 or 2 residues today on all varieties. At the time, when we received the residue analysis, we were always worried we would exceed the number of residues authorized or the MRL’s, but today we are a lot more at ease.

It is because of the residual constraint and the fact that it is a safe product that pushed me to use Vacciplant®. In 2012, I treated 1 ha with the product just to try. I was a bit skeptical that year, but I heard those around me saying they used Vacciplant®, so I thought to myself: “Let’s go!” 2013 was really the first big year as I treated my 90 ha with Vacciplant®. This year, we controlled apple scab well. I treated my apples with fungicides until mid-July, then I switched every 10/15 days between a fungicide and Vacciplant®. I substituted fungicide treatments I used to do by Vacciplant®, so in terms of number of applications, nothing changed and my yields were equivalent to the years before. I controlled the residual constraint and I used a safer product for the environment, but also for my staff.

This first year of use convinced me and I will do the same next year. If I should recommend it to others, I would say “Dare to innovate!”