The 10 ha of my vineyard are 70 % in Pinot meunier, 10% in Pinot Noir and 20 % in Chardonnay on the hillsides of Passy Grigny and Verneuil.

My goal is to reach a qualitative and quantitative result at harvest. Harvest quality is important criteria for me, it is strongly linked to bunch homogeneity and its health quality. Our weather conditions in Spring are more and more difficult. This is the time flowering starts and homogeneity sets in. So I need to protect it.

I tested Vivaflor® in 2005 as I was looking for a solution that would help me secure flowering, with the following criteria: respectful of the environment and of my health.  This test was conclusive, berry size allowed to highlight homogeneity gain. Since 2006, I broadened the applications of Vivaflor to my entire vineyard, mixing with fungicides. This homogeneity is not always easy to see, but what is sure is that “Vivaflor® batches” are always well noted in the cooperative.

By using VIVAFLOR®, I secure flowering to homogenise harvest. Thus, I secure quality which allows me to produce a well balanced wine, freshness and preservation potential.