Mr and Mrs GAUDIN

For us, the environment and the choice of plant protection products are crucial. We are very sensitive to this, and so are our customers.

On the markets, some questions are often asked: “Do you treat a lot?”, “Can we eat the skin?”, “Can we feed it to babies?”.

I used to apply every 2 to 3 weeks a Delan®. Now that’s over, I want 0 residue. This year is my second using Vacciplant®. I was looking for safer products and my technician told me about it.

From 15th June, once primay scab has been managed, I apply every 15 days alternately Vacciplant® and a fungicide until harvest. My work rhythm has not changed by substituting my fungicides by Vacciplant®. In terms of protection, I have equivalent results to what I got before using chemicals only.

My apples are on hillsides, so apple scab is more manageable than on wet lowlands. However, before harvest, to not take any residue risk, I keep using Vacciplant®.

For me, the benefit of this product is that my customers can the apples with the skin with no residue. This allows me to enhance the rational management when selling directly. I will continue to use Vacciplant® and I will happily recommend it to other fruit growers. It will just depend on their geographical situation, the best is, of course, to be a bit on a hill.